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Raising children and adolescents can be difficult, especially those with social-emotional, cognitive, behavioral or learning challenges. Neuropsychological and developmental assessments often provide insight into how a child or adolescent is developing, pinpoint strengths and weakness and identify strategies for promoting their success and happiness. Dr. Johnson works collaboratively with families, schools and other clinicians to develop practical interventions and programs for children ranging in age from infancy into young adulthood. 

Benefits of evaluation and consultation


With the comfortable, safe and supportive atmosphere provided by Dr. Johnson, parents understand better their child's strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies and resources for helping their children function more successfully. Dr. Johnson is only taking a limited number of new clients at this time for neuropsychological, psychological or developmental testing, given her commitments to other organizations. 

Typical Family Concerns



Dr. Johnson’s work focuses on children and adolescents presenting with a wide array of issues, including:

• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

• Autistic Spectrum Disorders

• Learning Disabilities

• Developmental Disorders

• Neurological Disorders & Genetic Syndromes

• Anxiety and Mood Disorders

• Parenting & Family Issues


Services Offered

Diagnostic Evaluations


In an evaluation, we will gather information from the family, school and other clinicians, as well as spend time with your child, assessing their strengths and weaknesses in developmentally appropriate ways. Assessments lead to a detailed report and recommendations so that families can begin to understand and support their child's needs. 



Some families find that brief consultations regarding behavioral, social or learning issues can be useful.  In a consultation, we work together to identify resources and solutions within the family and community.  Some schools and organizations have also hired Dr. Johnson to consult with their staff. 



Dr. Johnson has provided training to schools, parent groups and other community organizations on a range of issues related to child development and psychology. These programs are tailored to the group's needs and are highly interactive and engaging. 

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