Melanie Johnson, Ph.D.
Child and Adolescent Neuropsychology
Services Provided

With the comfortable, safe and supportive atmosphere provided by Dr. Johnson, parents understand better their child's strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies and resources for helping their children function more successfully. 

Dr. Johnson is only taking a limited number of new clients at this time for neuropsychological, psychological or developmental testing, given her commitments to other organizations.
    Melanie's assessments focus on children and adolescents presenting with a wide array of issues, including:
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Developmental Disorders
    • Neurological Disorders & Genetic Syndromes
      • Seizures, Fragile X, Noonan's, etc...
    • Depression & Mood Disorders
    • Anxiety Disorders
    • Parenting & Family Issues

    Confidentiality Policy: All communication with Dr. Johnson is confidential and subject to specific rules and protections under California law. Please see the Patient Agreement Form under the Client Information tab for more information.
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